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Hevya EMS Wrinkle Remover

Hevya EMS Wrinkle Remover

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Lifting and Firming Skin, Removes Law Lines Dilutes Face, Neck Lines

Introducing our EMS beauty device, it can massage your neck, facial and body skin. Stimulate acupuncture points, and introduce nutrition, so as to maintain and tighten face and neck skin also improve skin elasticity and blood circulation.


  • Target signs of ageing on your face, neck, jawline and jowl area

  • Harnesses microcurrent, LED light, galvanic, thermal therapy and massage technology

  • Lifts and tones your skin

  • Improves facial contours

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Gives skin a healthy glow


Helps promote blood circulation, dredge meridians, even skin tone, calm skin, lighten neck lines, quickly eliminate fatigue, and slow down skin aging.


Get rid of puffy under eyes. The coldness of the cooling function helps to tighten the pores of your skin and limits the appearance of emerging signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines, making your skin look firmer and younger.


Step 1: Apply a skincare product that contains aqua to the treatment area.

Step 2: Using a steady upwards motion, work from the base upwards on the neck and face to lift.

Step 3: Repeat this motion 5 times.

Step 4: Use for 4 minutes on the neck and jowl, repeat on the face for 4 minutes.

Step 5: To use the chin hammock with your treatment, open the sachet and take out the hammock.

Step 6: Remove the paper backing and place the holes over each ear so the hammock sits underneath the jaw.

Step 7: Leave on for 10-20 minutes

EMS ''M6'' Upgraded Technology.

Our multifunctional face and neck massager promotes blood circulation and metabolism, slowing down cell aging for a more youthful and brighter look.

6 in 1 Anti Wrinkles, Anti Ageing Technology.

You can choose from 6 nursing modes. Recommend to use the first gear at the first time for 10-15 minutes a day to rejuvenate your skin. (Avoid Adam's apple)

Enjoy a Salon Skincare Experience at Home.

Perfect for forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, double chin and neck wrinkles. Hevya EMS Wrinkle Remover is a modern approach to skincare with a facial massager that further enhances your skincare routine, effectively cleanses your skin and speeds up the best absorption of face cream's nutrients.


    • 1*main machine
    • 1*USB
    • 1*Manual
    • 1*box


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 100 reviews
    Moshe Schmeler

    Started to use like a week ago. Love the way it runs into your skin doesn't feel uncomfortable at all it tells you when you can change to next level, I bought mainly to target my puffiness and is getting better I do it two times a day while watching tv or at in bed is very easy to use and all we need is to be consistent I can tell my puffiness is much less than when I started and my pores are smaller mostly next to my nose which is one of the hardest parts to reach, comparing cost when you go to an esthetician for the price the device has does the job.

    Millie Rippin

    I initially bought this product to help reduce my pesky double chin but, have found that it really makes the rest of my face very smooth and soft. I haven't had it for long so, I'm not noticing any major changes but, I am hopeful that it will produce results.
    When using the anti wrinkle (red light) setting I would encourage the use of a moisturizer before using. Without the lubricant it give you a little bit of a shock.
    Other than that, I am really happy with it.

    Trace Nitzsche

    I’ve only been using for a week so my skin hasn’t changed drastically, however, I am seeing positive changes. There are 3 modes. The directions say it is best to go through all 3 settings at once. I timed the cycles at approximately 4 minutes each as the buzzing stops when not against your skin. The red light for tightening the skin heats up and has a slight tingle. Makes me feel like it’s working. Suggested use is only once a day. It is comfortable in your hand and glides smoothly across your face and neck. The shape conforms perfectly and so far really like this gadget.

    Anais Hand

    Been reading a lot about products like this but always found them too expensive and wasn’t willing to spend the money on some thing I wasn’t 100% sure on and then I found this product in the reviews and the price caught my eye so I gave it a shot and it is definitely worth it been using it for two weeks and starting to see results

    Urban Adams

    I love this, I've had other face massager, but this one by far has been my favorite. I use it daily and the battery life is great. The heat feels amazing especially when you use it with a moisturizer. I will be buying one for my daughter. Great gift idea for those who are serious about skincare.