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Mini Facial Massager | Hevya

Mini Facial Massager | Hevya

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Main Features -

  • Use 6 minutes a day to remove facial fine lines
  • Multiple functions: RF radio frequency lifting and tightening, diminishing facial wrinkles; phototherapy skin care and beauty; EMS micro-current repair, in-depth nutrition introduction; brightening
  • 28 days to improve the skin condition, make the body look new.
  • Red light + RF radio frequency: accelerate the cycle, rejuvenate skin and reduce wrinkles

  • Blue light + RF radio frequency: clear acne and clean skin, balance water and oil
  • Yellow light + RF radio frequency: relieve discomfort, brighten skin tone
  • Three gears: gear 1 is suitable for sensitive skin; gear 2 is suitable for normal skin; gear 3 is suitable for tolerant skin.
  • Innovative ironing material type head, enlarge the area to repair the skin, save time

Important notes

1. For the first use, because the charge is not full, please charge it before using it.

2. The product is equipped with a timing function. After the product is turned on, it will automatically shut down in 20 minutes in case of misoperation, and it can be used after it is turned on again.

3. Before using for the first time or before taking care of your skin, please start using level 1. If your skin is abnormal, please stop using it immediately and contact the official customer service or consult a professional doctor

4. When using this product, do not stay on a certain skin surface for a long time, and move slowly to prevent burns.

5. Persons with unsound limbs, mental disorders, and lack of relevant experience must be supervised or guided when using this product to ensure safety and let them understand the relevant hazards. This product must not be used by children to play, and children must not be allowed to clean and maintain without supervision.

6. It is forbidden to rinse this product with water or soak it in water.

7. Please wipe it clean with a wet paper towel or soft cloth after use.

8. Do not store in direct sunlight, high humidity, and humid places.

9. Do not disassemble, repair, or modify this product privately, otherwise it may cause an accident.

10. Do not use this product in the following situations

(1) Those who have skin metal implants;

(2) Patients with bleeding tendency;

(3) Patients with malignant tumors;

(4) Patients with infectious diseases;

(5) Those with skin sensation impairment;

(6) Patients with malignant tumors;

(7) Patients with acute purulent inflammation;

(8) Patients with acute diseases;

(9) The elderly, children and women during pregnancy and menstruation;

(10) Near the human heart;

Your use question?

Q: Will the skin feel tingling?

A: Under normal circumstances, there will be no tingling sensation. If there is a strong tingling sensation, consult customer service and suspend use

Q: What skin care products should I use with?

A: It can be used with skin care products such as creams, essences, masks, body creams, etc., without restriction.

Q: Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

A: Please feel free to use it for sensitive muscles. The material used in the body is internally controlled and will not cause damage to the skin.

Q: How to clean and maintain the body after use?

A: Use a moistened paper towel to wipe the body, and use a dry paper towel to wipe the body and keep the body dry.

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Customer Reviews

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Aidan Heidenreich

Product compatible with description listing. Light, vibration all works. Tests already 3 week and seen effects. Recommend

Rocio Green

Excellent Product works very well

Dawn Rempel

Mini Skin Care Device

Lela Runolfsdottir

Mini Skin Care Device

Sarina Hudson

Mini Skin Care Device