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Radiant Silk IPL Hair Removal Device

Radiant Silk IPL Hair Removal Device

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  • FDA Cleared
  • Uses light to kill problem hair follicles
  • Use anywhere including legs, arms, face, bikini for less hair in 4 weeks
  • Use for 10 minutes, once per week for 12 weeks then touch up as needed
  • Compact and convenient: great for travelling
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Stop shaving and say goodbye to unwanted hair for good. The Skin IPL Hair Removal delivers the same permanent results as salon laser hair removal WITHOUT the pain. With just 2-3 treatments per week, see visible results in as little as 8 weeks.

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Cooling System & Painless

This laser hair removal system is upgraded with a freezing point function, ensuring that the temperature when touching the skin is only about 10℃,This makes hair removal painless. The new hair removal system, with its built-in cooling mechanism, significantly enhances the comfort of the hair removal experience.

How does an IPL Hair Removal Device work?

Our hair removal device utilizes cutting-edge Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to effectively break the hair regrowth cycle. With a powerful light pulse reaching the hair follicle, operating at a maximum energy of 13J and a wavelength range of 550-1200nm, it ensures efficient and safe removal of unwanted hair.



Visible results in 2 weeks and up to 99% hair reduction in 12 weeks.


How to use

Who Can Use This Device?



Hevya ice point hair removal device has been comprehensively upgraded on the basis of the traditional hair removal instrument. In order to solve the painful feeling during the use of traditional IPL hair removal instrument, we innovatively added the physical ice point function. You only need to press the button of the ice point function, you can use the ice point mode to reduce the heat and pain brought by the hair removal instrument, to achieve real painless hair removal.