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Skincare Pro LED Facial Mask

Skincare Pro LED Facial Mask

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Say goodbye to stubborn blackheads, clogged pores, blemishes on your face, and prevent premature aging of your skin…

Uncover a completely new skincare routine for your face with our Skincare Pro LED Facial Mask.

Meticulously designed to tackle a variety of skin problems, our mask imparts a bright and flawless complexion that radiates beauty and youth!


Inspired by Hevya professional in-office lasers, this medical-grade mask harnesses a full spectrum of therapeutic seven-color lights. The patented design includes a combination of 192 LED lights working together to smooth wrinkles, firm skin, diminish discoloration, and clear acne for a beautiful, youthful complexion.



Reduce the stubborn pigmentation, melasma and uneven skin tone.


LED lighting enhances the synthesis of collagen, leading to a more uniform complexion. According to a survey, 95% of individuals experienced enhanced skin tone, texture, and elasticity following its application.


LED light enhances blood flow, facilitating the transportation of vital nutrients to the skin's outer layer. This therapy specifically contributes to the enhancement of healing and the visible improvement of superficial scars resulting from acne and inflammation.


  • Blue light therapy: Kills acne and other bacteria.
  • Red light therapy: Improves blood circulation and nutrient supply to the skin.
  • Purple light therapy: A combination of blue and red light treatments.
  • White light therapy: Turns off melatonin production, improves wakefulness and reduces dark circles around eyes.
  • Green light therapy: Relieves mental stress and lowers blood pressure.
  • Yellow light therapy: Rejuvenates and brightens your complexion. Helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Cyan light therapy: Improves cell growth and metabolism.


  • Step 1: Plug the USB connector at the end of the wire of your LED MASK.
  • Step 2: Clean your face ,wait till it dries. This makes it easier for light to penetrate your skin.
  • Step 3: Put on your Mask . Make sure that you wear it comfortably.
  • Step 4: Turn on your Mask and you will see tinge of red light covering the whole mask.
  • Step 5: 15 minute once. Keep your LED Mask close to your facial skin.
  • Note: The light is at low-level intensity. You may close your eyes if you feel like a little unwell. You can also change different colors with the remoter.


This LED Face Mask has the perfect balance of power intensity to ensure clinic-grade results using LLLT (low-level light therapy) to deliver the most precise (+/- 5nm), clinically proven wavelengths.
These wavelengths of light are absorbed by the skin cells, causing them to biologically react. This is where cellular rejuvenation happens.

With an optimised treatment duration (10 minute treatments) to reflect the power output and precision, This Mask is proven to be at least 24% more powerful and effective than any other at home LED mask on the market.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Kamryn O'Conner
Best device!

I love it! I've been using it for over a year and I think it massively improves my skin quality and radiance.

It's super easy to use, takes 10mn, and never leaves my bed's side.

I use it in the evening and I find it very relaxing before falling asleep!

Darren Braun
Great for some at home self care

I use my mask most days and have seen a marked improvement in the texture of my skin, less breakouts and general improvement in tone. The thing I enjoy the most is 10 minutes of self-care at the end of the day....bliss!

Marianne Bogisich
I love it!

My skin is feeling fresh, less sensitive and the fine lines on my forehead and under my eyes reduced dramatically (42 yrs old) --> This after a few months of use (daily basis, 10 min.) It's great and I can hugely recommend it!

Jerrold Bins
LED Light Therapy Face Mask

I purchased this item for my other half as a birthday gift and she cannot rate it highly enough. She absolutely loves it and has seen significant improvement within just two months. It has become a part of her daily routine.

Angus Effertz
Best money spent

Been using as directed for a few weeks...definetely notice a difference in the glow of my skin...looks refreshed and it helps the products penetrate deeper....and the sessions are so relaxing